Service Operations

An active service team is key to keeping customers satisfied. With LightspeedEVO, you can track your service department to ensure your techs are busy, repairs are efficient, and customers are served well.
Set high productivity standards

Set high productivity standards

Track working hours, review billing totals, and pull up service summaries instantly.
Encourage repeat customers

Encourage repeat customers

Locate necessary parts faster, send email updates, and streamline transactions.
Improve efficiency

Improve efficiency

Lightspeed makes sure your focus is on repairs, not on costly delays and issues.

Service Operation Features

Strong customer support, quality repairs, and efficient service all add up to a healthy dealership. LightspeedEVO gives you the tools you need to secure customer loyalty and nurture relationships beyond the initial sale.

Complete Service Cycle Tracking

LightspeedEVO’s drag-and-drop functionality optimizes technicians' work time, allowing them to quickly retrieve a summary of current orders and estimates, service time comparisons, and service billing assessments.

Accurate Repair Orders

Generate repair orders on demand, update orders in real time, and track estimates easily. Assign multiple labor rates for vehicles, techs, or processes, or assign multiple technicians to one labor line.

Enhance Customer Service

Integrate service and parts data flows, send customer emails right from LightspeedEVO, and complete more repair orders with powerful parts locator tools.

Warranty Claim Tracking

Retrieve and easily view the status of warranty claims, print and submit reports to the OEM, and instantly access current warranty information.

CSI Survey

Add Lightspeed’s CEM to produce custom surveys, track individual responses, set automatic notifications that alert technicians to negative feedback, and create escalation trees.

Integrated Credit Card

With Lightspeed’s Integrated Credit Card managed service, you can eliminate payment entry errors and speed up processing times, helping you preserve your bottom line across transactions.