Sales and F&I Operations

More leads, more opportunities for sales

LightspeedEVO streamlines the process of finding, servicing, and retaining new customers. Track the information necessary to make more—and more profitable—deals with LightspeedEVO.
Grow capabilities

Grow capabilities

Easily build deals to meet customer needs, host all the details in one place, and streamline sales.
Boost satisfaction

Boost satisfaction

LightspeedEVO automates F&I to enhance service and improve sales potential.
Protect profitability

Protect profitability

LightspeedEVO uncovers the true cost of every deal so you can preserve your margins.

Sales and F&I Features

Comprehensive opportunity tracking, streamlined contract creation, and the tools to maintain margin discipline all help you create the right deal without manual calculations.

Profitable Deal Builder

Identify the true cost of every deal, including unit setup and installation, and accurately calculate the marginal impact of discounts, commissions, and more.

F&I Automation

LightspeedEVO allows you to do more with graphical maintenance demonstrations, instant payment calculations, pre established finance and insurance data, and customized contracts.

Major Unit Management

Build custom reports for all your dealership product requirements quickly and easily.