Lightspeed Call Recording

By taking control of your dealership’s call handling performance with call recording, you’ll improve the profitability and satisfaction of every call.
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Identify where call handling mistakes are costing you sales.


Identify mistakes that lead to low customer satisfaction scores.


Protect your dealership and customers if and when disputes occur.

Lightspeed Call Recording Features

You can’t improve what you can’t measure. Tracking customer calls is the first step to improving results and ensuring you are delivering a great customer experience in every interaction.

Close More Sales

After listening to recorded calls, you’re able to give your team focused training that addresses their needs so they can get better at overcoming objections and closing sales—fast.

Increase Upselling

By reviewing calls, you can tell immediately whether your employees are upselling products and services consistently and effectively.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

The fastest way to discover if customers are happy with your service—or where there might be room for improvement—is by listening for yourself.

Reduce Misunderstandings

When there are different sides to a conversation, Lightspeed Call Recording allows you to get to the bottom of disputes instantly.

Integrate Easily

Since calls are automatically recorded and linked to a customer record in your DMS, you can quickly and easily find the call you want to discuss.