Data Networking

Your dealership data should be kept secure. That is why we developed an information management system that makes it easier to share data with the right people.
Streamline your daily activities and ensure your customer and business operations data are safe.
Be Confident

Be Confident

With Lightspeed solutions, get real-time updates of where your data has been, where it is now, and where it’s going to be.
Security Matters

Security Matters

Safety is our top priority. With our data management system, you can protect the information that is most important to your business.

Share Data With Confidence

Dealerships depend on the secure exchange of data, be it with OEMs, partners, other locations or even customers. As dealership integrations become more and more complex, the amount of data that goes back and forth between dealerships, OEMs and third-party systems increases. With our data management systems, dealerships have effective tools to ensure secure, productive operations.

Explore Our Data Management Solutions

Data Management

The more information your dealership has, the more decision-making power you’ll have. Lightspeed’s automated benchmarking service delivers comprehensive monthly reports showing how your dealership compares nationally in performance and profitability and helps you identify areas for improvement.
Protect your data with Lightspeed.