Track customer contact across multiple teams

Tracking customer contact across multiple teams doesn’t have to be complex and difficult. Lightspeed CRM makes it easy with follow up per department.
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Increased visibility

Increased visibility

Help employees stay accountable for commitments made to customers.
Improve customer satisfaction

Improve customer satisfaction

Communicate the right information at the right time to customers.
Work as a team

Work as a team

With each department able to view other departments’ communications, separate departments can work cohesively as one team.

Follow-Up Features

Tracking appointments, calls, tasks, emails and texts allows you to verify customer communication in every department across the entire dealership.

Open and Closed

Desktop widgets allow you to verify today’s follow up, check on overdue follow ups, and keep track of what’s been done. Using the list views you can easily see all last and next follow ups, helping keep your teams accountable.

Daily Calendar

View all employees appointments with customers in the daily calendar widget, noting whether they are confirmed, have showed, and are they still in the dealership.

Multiple Stores

The ability to easily track follow up across multiple location allows a BDC to view all the information and update it in one place.

All Departments

Each department can track their own follow up, and managers can view all employees of a department in order to track their group and verify that they’ve done their jobs.