Parts Operations

With LightspeedEVO, you can stop wasting shelf space on unprofitable inventory. Instead, stock up on high-demand parts and receive real-time data that improves your decision making.
Reduce overhead costs

Reduce overhead costs

Track working hours, review billing totals, and pull up service summaries instantly.
Eliminate duplication

Eliminate duplication

LightspeedEVO lets you stock only the parts you need, when you need them.
Increase customer satisfaction rates

Increase customer satisfaction rates

Identify preferences and personalize messaging for every customer.

Parts Operation Features

LightspeedEVO provides instant access to parts and inventory information, helping you to keep inventory counts exactly where they should be so you can run a more profitable dealership.

Automated Parts Inventory Management

Utilize sales history and inventory data for automated reorder suggestions, view online price books, and make faster pricing assessments with LightspeedEVO’s estimation tool.

Electronic Capture

LightspeedEVO saves time and eliminates costly manual entry errors with barcode scanning, e-submission tools, and automated order-ready emails.

Customer Data Tracking

Record and analyze complete customer life cycle data across purchase history, discounts, and habits.

Automated Follow-Ups

LightspeedEVO uses the customer activity already recorded in your DMS for automated creation and delivery of thank you notes, emails, postcards, and letters.

Targeted Marketing

Create call lists, send custom email invites, and set up VIP unveilings to reach your most relevant customers at the optimal time.

Parts Locator

Enhance parts lookup capabilities with LightspeedEVO so you can identify the exact location of the part in question and source other dealers to help move stubborn inventory on your behalf.

Price Files

LightspeedEVO gives you the ability to add personalized price files to your DMS, keeping your prices updated on a continuous basis.

Why Parts Operations?

Two reasons:

Better inventory management

Supplier-specific cost adjustments, price book customization, and parts comparison tools can help you identify similar or outdated parts. LightspeedEVO helps you optimize inventory, increase profit potential, and be better equipped to make the best decisions for your dealership.

Increased Opportunities for Advancement

Not having reliable reporting tools available can significantly hurt your bottom line and cause your dealership to lose sales. With the ability to locate parts quickly, you can improve service, move inventory efficiently, and increase customer satisfaction.