Computerized Vehicle Registration

Avoid the DMV and take care of your customers onsite
With in-house vehicle registration, your customers can enjoy their audit as soon as they leave the dealership. No more lengthy credit checks that drag out the sales process—with Lightspeed’s integrated online service, you’ll get comprehensive reports in seconds and increase your customers’ satisfaction.
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Lower expenses

Lower expenses

Increase your chances of recovering title and registration costs, depending on your state.
Focus on business

Focus on business

Not having to re-key data means increased productivity for your staff.
No more DMV

No more DMV

Give your customers a registered unit in record time and improve overall customer satisfaction.

Computerized Vehicle Registration Features

Keep your customers happy by making your process more efficient. Lightspeed helps you see the full picture in seconds.

Streamlined Procedure

With automated title and registration options, your dealership can save make the transaction easier for customers.

Automated Submission

Cut paperwork requirements, save on resources, and shorten service times with instant document submission.