Are you missing calls and as a result missing opportunities? Make every call matter with Lightspeed communications solutions.
Missed calls are missed opportunities to build loyalty and profits. Make every call an opportunity. Lightspeed Communications Solutions provide your team with powerful tools that increase collaboration, mobility and efficiency.
Drive Your Profits

Drive Your Profits

Phone calls are leads. With the tools to follow up on leads effectively you and build stronger relationships with your customers.
Know who is on the other line

Know who is on the other line

With built-in DMS and CRM integration, your team will receive detailed information about every new lead so you can create more customize experiences.
Understand Your Service

Understand Your Service

With our integrated solution, your communications data provides valuable insights your team can use to improve your business and make happy customers.

Explore Our Communications Solutions

Voice Connect

Gain a real competitive edge by unifying your dealership communications. From phone calls to instant messaging, Lightspeed Voice Connect equips your team with the state-of-the-art communication tools they need to succeed.

LightspeedEVO Texting

Lightspeed Texting is the ONLY two-way texting program available for LightspeedEVO. This proprietary program makes it easy to turn text messages into sales drivers. Text pictures and videos, communicate with your customers effortlessly by receiving texts at your dealership’s main number, and forward texts to a preferred phone.

Call Analytics

Lightspeed Call Analytics reduces customers’ frustration and the loss of profit from missed calls. Instead you can leverage call analytics to convert more calls into appointments and sales, leading more customers and more revenue.

Call Connect

Lightspeed Call Connect provides your dealership with local and long-distance phone service utilizing a high capacity T1 line, a router, and your existing phone system.

Lightspeed Call Recording

By taking control of your dealership’s call handling performance with call recording, you’ll improve the profitability and satisfaction of every call.
Power your profit with Lightspeed.