Your F&I department is ready to excel. All it needs are the proper tools.

The F&I office can be a powerful profit driver, so make sure you’re getting the most out of yours. Whether you’re trying to sell more add-on products, improve your compliance or refine your credit process, Lightspeed offers the digital solutions to evolve your entire F&I workflow.

Rethink Finance & Insurance

You’ve nearly closed the deal. All that’s left is the F&I office.

An essential part of a profitable workflow, the F&I stage of a sale is when your dealers can go over the final, critical details of a powersports purchase, including the customer’s financing and credit options. It’s here that your team can offer valuable add-on products, including extended warranties, units service contracts, credit insurance, and guaranteed asset protection (GAP) insurance—all of which can benefit your bottom line.

We’re making dealer-minded solutions that tackle the challenges faced by powersports retailers every day, from document management to consumer credit evaluation. F&I Solutions may be right for your dealership if:

  • Average transaction time is too high
  • Dealership profitability is below expectations
  • Evaluating customer credit is inefficient
  • Sales are lost due to long wait times
  • Critical documents are often lost or misplaced
  • Staying compliant is a struggle

Explore Lightspeed’s F&I Solutions

Credit Services Powerful Consumer Credit Solutions

Credit Services Powerful Consumer Credit Solutions

Getting credit information has never been easier. Receive reports instantly, keep operations compliant, and automatically check for fraudulent data.
Menu Selling Personalized Add-On Presentations

Menu Selling Personalized Add-On Presentations

Equipped with innovative analytic software, Lightspeed’s MenuVantage Platinum recommends add-ons that align with your customers’ unique needs, helping to increase the likelihood of a sale.

Unit Registration
An In-Dealership DMV

Save your customers a trip to the DMV with Lightspeed’s quick, in-store vehicle registration. You will both save time, and your customers will leave the lot with a legally registered unit.

Digital Contracting
Innovative Technology for Easier Deals

Generate deal jackets instantly and make closing sales a more positive experience for everyone involved. Discover Lightspeed solutions for an easier, more efficient contracting experience.

eForms Library with F&I LaserStation
Find and Print Professional Documents

Thousands of critical dealership documents, right at your fingertips. Effortlessly access and print the forms you need, so your powersport dealership can run as smoothly as possible.

Explore Our F&I Solutions

700 Credit

Don’t let sales drag out because of lengthy credit checks. Our integrated, online service provides comprehensive reports in seconds, so you can get deals done and customers can walk out satisfied.

Payroll Processing

ADP’s Payroll Plus™ takes the guesswork out of handling and calculating employee taxes, so you can grow your dealership and shrink your stack of paperwork.

Real-Time Accounting

LightspeedEVO’s integrated accounting module gives you a full picture of how your dealership is performing, letting you see how daily operations are impacting your bottom line.

Integrated Credit Card

Lightspeed solution integrates effortlessly with Lightspeed DMS, providing you with a more efficient, more affordable credit, debit, and gift card processing system.

Computerized Vehicle Registration

No more lengthy credit checks that drag out the sales process—withLightspeed’s integrated online service, you’ll get comprehensive reports in seconds and increase your customers’ satisfaction.