Your F&I department is ready to excel. All it needs are the proper tools

The F&I office can be a powerful profit driver, so make sure you’re getting the most out of yours. Whether you’re trying to sell more add-on products, improve your compliance or refine your credit process, Lightspeed offers the digital solutions to evolve your entire F&I workflow.
F&I Solutions
Credit Services

Credit Services

Getting credit information has never been easier. Receive reports instantly, keep operations compliant, and automatically check for fraudulent data.
Personalized Add-On Presentations

Personalized Add-On Presentations

Equipped with innovative analytic software, Lightspeed’s MenuVantage Platinum recommends add-ons that align with your customers’ unique needs, helping to increase the likelihood of a sale.

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Computerized Vehicle Registration

No more lengthy credit checks that drag out the sales process—withLightspeed’s integrated online service, you’ll get comprehensive reports in seconds and increase your customers’ satisfaction.
An essential part of a profitable workflow needs to be refined and seamless.
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