Customer Communication

Connecting with More Customers

Reach customers online with targeted lists, personalized messages, and campaign reports. Leverage the customer information you already have to better understand your customer base and attract and cultivate new leads. With Lightspeed CRM, your marketing will always be effective.
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Customer Communication Features

LightspeedEVO DMS already stores your customers’ history and purchase data; with Lightspeed’s CRM, you can put it to good use. By accessing segmented lists, customized messages, and seamless campaign management, you can transform that data into actionable insights.
Grow sales potential

Grow sales potential

Improve loyalty and retention by utilizing personalized customer history.
Have profitable conversations

Have profitable conversations

Automated reminders and personalized follow-ups encourage customer engagement.
Eliminate unnecessary expenses

Eliminate unnecessary expenses

Robust tools and resources enable cost-effective communication.

Advanced Mailing Lists

Create advanced customer segmented mailing lists and copy them into your email or digital marketing tools.

Communication Processes

Create custom follow-up chains for your teams to work with the customers, ensuring that each customer has the appropriate communication chain.

Text and Email Automated

By specifying automatic text or email communication based on your custom triggers, your employees will save time and can streamline contact with long cycle leads.