Hosted Off-Site Server

Stop depending on in-house servers and move to a secure, hosted solution for peace of mind.


Protect data

Prevent data breaches and server downtime with Lightspeed’s hosted solution.

Optimize systems

Outsource server maintenance so your staff can focus on building your business.

Improve productivity

Free up resources so you can get even more done.

Hosted Off-Site Server Features

Your dealership depends on secure, reliable, and fast server access—so Lightspeed developed a hosted solution to keep you connected 24/7.

Secure Data Center

Lightspeed’s hosted off-site server handles your data and software maintenance. All you need is an internet connection!

Automatic Updates

Equip your DMS with automatic updates loaded directly onto your server.

Data Backups

Keep critical information secure with Lightspeed’s data center backed up by redundant servers, reducing concerns about malicious software, hackers, and physical damage.