Attract New Leads So You Can Sell More

With clear, consistent, and relevant communication, you can increase sales by tracking every possible lead.
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Increase Sales

Reach more customers and retain your current base with cost-effective marketing efforts, text messaging, and comprehensive lead tracking.
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Work Smarter

Gather insights from customer history and improve by collecting feedback
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Provide better service

With CRM you can complete the customer lifecycle by keeping customers happy and promoting your business to the next generation of buyers.

Connect at the Right Time

With the Lightspeed CRM solution, you'll reach potential clients, track your sales funnel, and help your sales team do what they do best, resulting in enhanced communication and satisfied customers.

Appeal to more customers

Customer loyalty is key when it comes to increasing the business of your dealership. With consistent and clear communication, you can attract new customers without all the leg-work.

Work On-the-Go

Manage more than one location and access from your mobile device.

Automate Tracking

With our follow-up system, you can communicate with the right customers at the right time.

Sales Manager

Optimize sales with quota settings, benchmark alerts, task creation and assignments, and timely reassignments based on real-time data.