Integrated Payroll Processing

Lightspeed and ADP Payroll PlusTM take the guesswork out of calculating employee taxes, meaning that you can grow your dealership and shrink your paperwork.
Integrated Payroll Processing
Get real-time insights

Get real-time insights

Comprehensive reports help uncover crucial decision-making intelligence.
Avoid expensive errors

Avoid expensive errors

Easily review general ledger data prior to closing to ensure accuracy.
Reduce downtime

Reduce downtime

Reliable live support is available 24/7.

Integrated Payroll Processing Features

Minimize the costs of inaccurate net pay computations, tax oversights, and inputting errors with a simple-to-use payroll app that works with your Lightspeed Accounting module.

Accurate Tax Processing and Compliance

Reduce mistakes when calculating employee net pay with ADP’s managed tables for federal, state, and local taxes.

Auto Log

Automatically record new staff members with state agencies so you don’t have to waste time tracking down tax requirements manually.

Digital Access

Get fast access via the internet to reference copies of tax forms and worksheets.

Tax Services

Receive timely payday reminders and tax filing notifications with ADP’s Payroll Tax Services, easily accessible from the homepage.

Reporting Tools

Pull up, analyze, print, and export directly to Microsoft Excel with minimal effort.

Seamless Setup

Quickly and easily set up your account with 24/7 support from ADP’s Implementation Specialists.