Rental and Marina Operations

Take control of your dock and storage with Lightspeed

Lightspeed gives you the power to better manage your business, improve customer service, and streamline operations.
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Meet your business needs

Meet your business needs

Instant and customizable management reports deliver insights where you need it most.
Ensure total tracking

Ensure total tracking

Flexible features seamlessly track transfers, billing, and reservations.
Maintain productivity

Maintain productivity

Focus on renting boats, managing slips, and storing inventory—not fixing payment or server issues.

Marina and Rental Operations Features

Lightspeed’s fully integrated system is designed to track every component so your marine dealership can better maximize unit and space usage.

Marina Management Software

Lightspeed provides a comprehensive solution that integrates with your current operations to track storage, rental, slips, customer, and unit information.

Real-Time Accounting

Fully integrated with all your departments, Lightspeed’s accounting module provides instant access to all financial and transactional data, so you can cut costs and increase revenue.

User-Friendly Tools

Using Lightspeed’s drag-and-drop capabilities to quickly and easily import multimedia images and graphical representations of slips, dry stack racks, and other storage locations streamlines the transfer of reservations from one slip to another.

Availability Management

Availability views can be customized on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis, giving you more flexibility in managing space and unit rentals.

Rental Management

Take reservations using full-sum or periodic billing, reserve multiple items on the same ticket, invoice parts, sundries, and service for complete billing, view and record meter readings, and easily print customizable contracts and quotes.

Integrated Rental Management

Lightspeed lets you easily integrate data across all of your departments including accounting, service, and parts to better track customer information, unit maintenance history, and payments.

Complete Rental Storage

Maintain and securely store dealership service rental information, including repair orders and purchase orders, to ensure more accurate calculations of rental charges with taxes and fees included.